About Us

About Zurich Pharma

It is a Mexican pharmaceutical company formed exclusively for the manufacture of highly specialized drugs.


Being a worldwide leader based on a technical and economic growth, based on the value of our products, technologies and services.


We have all the necessary elements to play a major role in local and global pharmaceutical market, allowing our company to provide profitability while maintaining an aggressive investment plan that ensures long-term profitability for our company, its partners and shareholders.


  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Security
  • Accessibility (supply + price)


Zurich Pharma

Nov 2004

Constitution of the company

Zurich Pharma

Jun 2005 ­‐ Aug 2007

Construction of the Oncology Floor

Zurich Pharma

Nov 2007

Obtaining Health License

Zurich Pharma

Mar 2009 - To date

Approval of 14 registers

Zurich Pharma

May 2011

GMP Approval

Zurich Pharma

May 2011

Expanding production line "hard gelatin capsule"

Zurich Pharma

Nov 2013

Renewal of GMP

Zurich Pharma

Jan 2014

Approval prefilled syringe line

Zurich Pharma

Apr 2014

Expanding production line "soft gelatin capsule"

Differentuals Values

Zurich is an excellent proposal of Pharma Oncology than any transnational level laboratory because their products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and unique technology in Mexico as manufacturing liposome.

Zurich Pharma ensures the supply, availability and affordability of their products.

The fact that patients can always count on your medication in a timely manner, resulting in health and thus, in their quality of life.


“Quality… of life”


  • In 2013 Zurich Pharma was consolidated as oncology fastest growing company in Mexico.

  • Our sales increased by 50% and investment in R&D exceeded 20% of our net sales.

  • We launched 7 new products and was made a new single production line in Mexico (Soft Gel Capsule Cancer) is enabled.


Location and Contact

Corporate offices:

No 40 Thiers et al. Anzures,
Miguel Hidalgo, México DF 11590


México - Querétaro Highway Ground 71.5 km al. Noxtongo,
Tepeji del Rio, Hidalgo 42850


Phone: +52 (55) 6388 0616
Schedule: 9:00 hrs - 18 hrs.

Sites of interest

Mexican Society of Oncology http://www.smeo.org.mx/

National Cancer Institute http://www.incan.salud.gob.mx/

The American Cancer Society http://www.cancer.org/

The National Cancer Institute http://www.cancer.gov/